Fell in Love with Photography while studying printmaking at SUNY New Paltz. During that time, myself and a school buddy enlisted in photo printmaking course with Louis Camnitzer, master etcher, from a studio in the hills, outside of Lucca, Italy. Thus began, this love of photography. After graduating with a BFA in Photography from SUNY New Paltz, I opened THE IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO of Chappaqua.  Many years and many changes, I am delighted to have experience in a wide variety of photographic venues. From Real Estate, architectural, portfolios, construction photography to Portraits, events, Sweet 16s, Bar/Bat-Mitzvahs, Weddings, Corporate, Commercial, fine art photography etc, and the list goes on. Photography is a wonderful creative, varied medium. I am always exploring and studying alternative ideas and trends. So between all the changes in our world, my photography has developed with the latest trends. When my children were at a self sufficient age, I received my MFA from the School of Visual Arts, NYC. Hope you have had a chance to view my websites and all the images. I am not great with words, so I hope my images go beyond words.

Thank you and feel free to contact me at any time!!

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